Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cloud of Witness

   I was at the funeral service for Pst Akin of House on the Rock Abuja, who died in the June 3rd 2012 Dana plane crash. ( In the end I believe I was led there as I was supposed to be in my church service, but some how ended up there with a friend).
   The service was called "songs of Hymns" and it was a really touching service, with many wet eyes. It was a tragic event that awakened me to the reality that people die everyday... by the minute all over the world [and others are born by the minute all over the world]. A plane crash was a way for some to pass-on.
***Death is a Spirit***
   They sang songs that focused your thought on the fact that 'we'll all go to meet Jesus some day', and people that knew Pst Akin gave Tribute to him, including Pst Goodheart O. Ekweme. All that kept going through my head as I listened to people talk was... " Wao... He knew people... people knew him... but most significantly,  'he touched lifes'. He was a servant through and true. I didn't know him personally, never meet him, but this was my conclusion. He served God with a passion and it came through in the way he lived his life "with a passion".
   It came to me, 'if I fall plum dead today, what would people say of me...'?
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She *********************************
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   It comes right back to the people around you... my brother... my sister... the lifes we were able to affect and change for good. It's not about powers or authority or positions or SELF... It's about God and the people around you... the people around me. God never fought for the world (earth), His fight has always been for MAN... for YOU... for ME. God's fight has always been for us. If he's got us, He's got every thing. And if you've got God and you've got your neighbour, you've got everything.
   Pst Akin and other believers have joined the 'Great Cloud of Witness' (Heb 12:1) cheering us on in this journey to be who God has designed for us to be. What would be said of you when, you turn your back and walk out a room?
But it's so simple....
   God is all that matters. If we cross the line, are we joining that 'great cloud of witness' to cheer others on?
Rev 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will sup with him and he with me.
My People,

31st Chain
Rev 3:20