Tuesday, 5 June 2012


   One time I needed direction in a certain area... and I sort Elyon’s face in the matter. I kept going, "speak Lord.".. What do I do about such and such, where do I go.... and on and on...
Well, He let me rant a while in my activity and when I got quiet for a bit... in my heart I heard

***Are you looking to God to speak so when the storms come – 
[it doesn’t work out or something goes wrong]-, we can say... 
“Lord, You told me to do this and look how it turned out” – accusing
Do we look to Him to speak knowing that His word is SURE and that the ABILITY and the ALL to do are lined-up in those words”.***

   Needless to say, I repented and began to look to those words and they assured my heart. My brother... My Sister, it comes right back to God and His word.... ***THIS WORD IS ALIVE*** (John 6:68, 1:1).

And I prayed... I’m inviting you to pray with me also...

Dear Lord,
My God... The One I love.
I’m sorry if I came out accusing based on the things I see happening around me. Lord let your will be done... and when You lead me Abba, I’ll go knowing you have gone ahead of me and done all things well. I praise You for Your word is Yea and Amen and I believe.
In Jesus Name

   Maybe He spoke and it didn’t turn out as you hoped, maybe you even let the words slip in the storm, maybe its the stuff we see happening around us... The Word is alive... and is still working... Just believe, 'light will surely come'.

So much has been said on the tragedy we witnessed in our country... As for me, I speak life to Nigeria and I speak comfort ... the kind only God can give to the families of those involved.

31st Chain.
God is Love.

PS: while thinking on this post I read this post and liked it, it was just in line with this light for me...
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