Thursday, 19 January 2012

"The Kiss"

“The Kiss” by Da Wordsmith

 I walked down a path so many years ago
I think I'm supposed to have forgotten
Because it’s been so long...
But for some reasons it’s clear
As clear as today.

It began with a kiss...
The kiss that left me lonely
Lonely... for hours
I can never forget the rejection.
Even by my own father!

I could in some way handle the rejection of my brethren
But my father?
I thought I was going to die, yes die. in fact I died.
I trudged up this hill
Scavengers looming over my head
The hill smelled of putrid filth and stench
I was dizzy with the stench, I could not see ahead
I was faint 
 my weary nerves were frayed
I staggered forward, knowing that I must!
But when I thought of my Father's rejection my heart broke,
I stumbled and fell
digging my knees into the murky poodles.
But the men will not leave me be.

They dragged me
 Pebbles, boulders and stones grazed and pummeled me.
I could not cry...
I was hoarse
My eyes inflamed from tears
My cheeks; stained with lines of flaky phlegm and tears.
I staggered forward, knowing that in dying I must!

I trudged and staggered...
Then finally I arrived at my destination: Calvary
The scavengers shoved and pushed me forward.
The pain that I thought had subsided spread its icy hands over my body
Then they dug the nails and spikes through me
Surely, I must be dead,
Surely, I am dead!
Since I was thinking, I knew I was still breathing
It was then I saw "sin" on me.
Now I knew that I would die from it’s weight
And from the heart break and from my frayed nerves...

I died,
Went down to hell
Took the keys of hell
And ROSE on the third day
I am he that died for you, accept my death and be freed!
I am Jesus, the one who died for your sins!

Copyright(C) 2011.

Hello Ladies.... I would like to introduce to you my friend and mentor.... Mrs. Mimi Werna...
ai'nt she pretty.... I think so too... 

She's a wonderful writer and artist, and she'll be holding her very first Album lunch on the 29th of 
January 2012. Well I thought to do this post in her honour, as a way to say, "thank you for being a part of  the woman I am today".

Date: 29th Jan 2012
Time: 4:30
A little change in the Venue though:
New Venue: Akwa Ibom House, opp Ministry of                    Finance. Central Business District, Abuja. Nigeria.

31st Chain,
Jesus is Lord.
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


There are so many things in the bible.... but a revelation of these things centre on ....the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ... The more we gain a revelation of what Jesus did, in His coming to the earth and taking on Himself the iniquity of the world (not just that of you and I)... The more we appreciate the liberty He bought for us and consequently, Faith rises in our hearts (rom 10:17), to live out "His Will" on the earth...  
    Reading through Isaiah 53... never fails to get me excited, for in there, is the evidence of His lavished love toward us. Most profound among this is Isaiah 53:11... were it says.....

 He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied:(with you and me)
by His knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many;
for He shall bear their iniquities.(kjv) - Glory to God!!!!!

Ladies... we did nothing to gain salvation, all we did was receive what He did.... GOD IS SATISFIED WITH US because of all Jesus did...
 He arose and we are "the blessed".... 
He arose and we are "the healed"...
He arose and we are "the Rich"...
He arose and "We reign as Kings"...
He arose and we got His Life and Dominion...
and much more...
Now.... If we did nothing to gain God's Favour (rom 5:17), how then can we stand and accuse or judge others... I would like to throw a challenge.... (including myself...); Ladies lets learn to see others in the light of what Jesus has done for them... believer or not... the love walk will take on a new and easy turn for us... and the gospel will become the good news to men... for they will not see a harsh and condemning father, but a good God full of Love... Mercy and Grace...
Lord... Thank You because You are satisfied with me..... Help me to see others the way you see them...

31st Chain.....
I love you more....

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