Saturday, 31 March 2012


I know you thought I forgot about my blog, but...... no I didn't. I'm trying to get a focus for my posts. I don't just want to wake up and post whatever is in my head. I'm after the Father's heart, so I've gone back to Him to tell me what He wants to tell His people through this blog.

But of cause, I'm enjoying all the blogs I follow and discovering new ones (some very interesting lol).
Pray for me.... however long it takes I'll be back and with a difference.

As a chain we are praying for and into the month of April by 11:45pm to 12:15am (your time). Even though you don't make the time, don't be discouraged for WE PRAY ALWAYS.

Love is who we Are,
31st Chain
(1Jhn4:8=Gen 1:27)

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Dear Readers,
    I need enlightenment please. I have consistently come across this issue lately, "I just have to throw it open".
     I can't seem to get my point across to some people, its like, they are LISTENING but can't HEAR you or they HEAR  you but don't UNDERSTAND
 So dear blogger friends (I've learnt much from you guys already by the way), which is it? And how can I effectively communicate to others, so that we are on the same page?

31st Chain,
1 Jhn 4:8

If you have a post on this or come up with one, please come back and leave a link. thanks.