Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Great Days

Rev Arome E. Adah
I can see great days; glorious days.
I can see days of rejoicing; beautiful days.
I can see days of gathering; days of harvest...HARVEST!!!
Days of great harvest; days of harvest exponentially.
I can see days of men's eyes being on you(me)
and the spotlights being on you(me).
Men are coming from all around 
and it will be said as it was said in the days of Jesus,
"All men seek thee", so men will seek you(me).
Great days, great days, great days!
I can see great days ahead of us.
"Days of clapping" saith God,
"Days of dancing, days of festivity, days of celebration."
"Days of celebration, days of beauty for ashes, days of celebration for morning.
For the days of morning are over," saith God.
"the times we are in are times of celebration,times of rejoicing,
times of gathering, times of harvest," saith God.
"times of harvest, times of great harvest, times of the spotlight being on you(me),
times when all men will seek you(me).
Men will seek you(me)because of what God has activated in your(my) life.
People will come from near and far and 
will be willing to pay anything to have you(me) come to them".
i see wealth being transferred.

This is a prophesy given by my Pastor Rev Arome E. Adah. I believe it and decided to make it a page on this blog.
In his book Great Days... He highlighted four things God wants us to know
about great days...
  1.  We fix our eyes on Jesus....(if we base the success of anything we are doing on the work of our hands, we will fail)
  2. No matter what, Keep Rejoicing...
  3. These things will happen by the manifestation of the Spirit
  4. We sow our seeds.