Thursday, 19 January 2012

"The Kiss"

“The Kiss” by Da Wordsmith

 I walked down a path so many years ago
I think I'm supposed to have forgotten
Because it’s been so long...
But for some reasons it’s clear
As clear as today.

It began with a kiss...
The kiss that left me lonely
Lonely... for hours
I can never forget the rejection.
Even by my own father!

I could in some way handle the rejection of my brethren
But my father?
I thought I was going to die, yes die. in fact I died.
I trudged up this hill
Scavengers looming over my head
The hill smelled of putrid filth and stench
I was dizzy with the stench, I could not see ahead
I was faint 
 my weary nerves were frayed
I staggered forward, knowing that I must!
But when I thought of my Father's rejection my heart broke,
I stumbled and fell
digging my knees into the murky poodles.
But the men will not leave me be.

They dragged me
 Pebbles, boulders and stones grazed and pummeled me.
I could not cry...
I was hoarse
My eyes inflamed from tears
My cheeks; stained with lines of flaky phlegm and tears.
I staggered forward, knowing that in dying I must!

I trudged and staggered...
Then finally I arrived at my destination: Calvary
The scavengers shoved and pushed me forward.
The pain that I thought had subsided spread its icy hands over my body
Then they dug the nails and spikes through me
Surely, I must be dead,
Surely, I am dead!
Since I was thinking, I knew I was still breathing
It was then I saw "sin" on me.
Now I knew that I would die from it’s weight
And from the heart break and from my frayed nerves...

I died,
Went down to hell
Took the keys of hell
And ROSE on the third day
I am he that died for you, accept my death and be freed!
I am Jesus, the one who died for your sins!

Copyright(C) 2011.

Hello Ladies.... I would like to introduce to you my friend and mentor.... Mrs. Mimi Werna...
ai'nt she pretty.... I think so too... 

She's a wonderful writer and artist, and she'll be holding her very first Album lunch on the 29th of 
January 2012. Well I thought to do this post in her honour, as a way to say, "thank you for being a part of  the woman I am today".

Date: 29th Jan 2012
Time: 4:30
A little change in the Venue though:
New Venue: Akwa Ibom House, opp Ministry of                    Finance. Central Business District, Abuja. Nigeria.

31st Chain,
Jesus is Lord.
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