Tuesday, 15 May 2012


So... I got my answer long ago, very typical of the Lord to tell you the end from the beginning and let you trust Him the rest of the way. Well I was busy... and kept giving that excuse until I became plain lazy... So I’m sorry you’ll.
 I got 30 followers.... thank you’ll for believing in me and I got tagged by DammyJewel... for the 11 things.... thank you....
I’ll answer for the 11 things first then you’ll have to come back for the story on the reconstruction process, right after I'm done with this some exam oh...
Here we go...


  1.    Post the rules.
  2.   Post 11 things about yourself
  3.   Answer the questions by your tagger
  4.  Create 11 questions and tag another 11 to answer them
  5.   Note: no tag backs and also notify the people you tagged
  6. Let your tagger know you answered their questions.

  1.    I love to read... I’m partial to books, the smell, the fell and everything about it. If you walk in a room and see a pile of books by the bed stand or somewhere around the bed, that’d be me. I’ll typically read and fall asleep on the book.
  2.    I like cars and gadgets and have crazy friends that do too.
  3.  I’d rather be by myself, but also like to jist and make a lot of loud noise.
  4.    I’m a servant and term player. You’ll always find me following up on tasks rather than coming up with one of my own. I like to serve; it’s a blessing many people are yet to key into.
  5.  I love to pray... yeap, anyhow whether loud or quiet or just spending time with others in the presence of my God, I love it and even get teased by a friend of my for it.
  6.  I look younger than my age. And often get the ‘really...’ look when I tell my age (don’t be alarmed I’m not that old).
  7.  I’m not your typical tom-boy but not girly girl either... I think I’m somewhere in the middle.
  8.  Unlike  DammyJewel ... I’d rather mathematics than English... Kai whoever passed English in school sef? And yeap I’d rather pidgin than proper English. Lol.
  9.   I love music... It lifts my spirit any day any time.
  10.  I dislike dull conversations, kai... 'if some people talk today; you go just de wonder'...*very dull*, mschew... Please give me some intelligent talk abeg.
  11.  My brother’s are dear to me... all 4 of them. We don’t PDA (publically display affection) a lot, but we have a strong bond...

So... all done... this is harder than it looks. And it’s me on paper no fake jist.

Ok... Now to answering  DammyJewel ’s questions
1.        Money or love ..which would you choose? Love… God is love
2.       If you had the chance would you change your career, if yes to what? No… I like accounting a lot. I like seeing the N5 I used to buy akara translated into paper and how it goes all the way to its effect on the economy.
3.       If you could go anywhere right now,where,why and with whom will it be? Tulsa Oklahoma… I would someday attend Rhema bible training center (Kenneth E. Hagin has influenced our lives so much)… If I’m married… my husband of cos.
4.      Favorite color? Sky blue
5.        Craziest thing you ever done? I had a guy write his name, phone number and email on paper for me cos I didn’t want to give him mine and couldn’t hold back the laughter, so I laugh at him to his hearing. I’ve never seen him since, probably won’t recognize him now when I see him. *evil grin* not my craziest, but then again, I’m not the doing crazy stuff type.
6.       If you could become a genius right now in what field would it be and why? … I really don’t know, I just want to be who God has designed for me to be.
7.       What did you have for lunch? Skipped lunch just had a bottle of coke.
8.       If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Nothing oh…
9.       .If you could make a change in the world right now, what decree would you pass? Kai… Just go anywhere you want to go and live anywhere you want to live mhen…. But unfortunately Land aka territory is almost equally to blood to us humans…. So…
10.    If you could trade places with any celebrity right now, who would it be? Cece Winas… lol
11.     What gift do you want for your next birthday? (you never know who might be reading...*lol*) abi… an I something… phone, pod, pad….. OR Forbidden by Ted dekker & Tucsa Lee or any Christian literature (and by any I mean Kenneth Hagin, Copeland, Francine River, Robert Hatcher…. Etc) book sha. Thanks in advance. Lol.
So far so good... I’m tagging... (they done tag almost everybody sef...)
·         CeceliaDowdy
·         Elizabeth
·         Memoirsof a broken girl my newest guest
·         Funto
·         Ngina
·         Remmy
·         Stellz
·         And every other person, reading or following...
My Questions
  •           Favourite phrase?
  •          Most influential person in your life?
  •          Movie or Book?
  •         If books Hard copy or soft copy?
  •          Would you ride a power bike? *lol* I would
  •         When you close your eyes, what do you see (your deepest longing)?
  •          Which would describe you? Instant or Progress...
  •     What role would you play in church given the opportunity? (e.g pastor, worship leader, usher,  instrumentalist etc)
  •          What do you like about being male or female? Whichever you are.
  •        What do you like about being you?
  •         Is Jesus Lord in your life?

And I’m done... Kai I think say I no go finish today....
Thanks to  DammyJewel  for smoking me out of hiding. I’ve enjoyed all your posts and couldn’t resist commenting on some.

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