Friday, 25 May 2012


My New best Song ( I'm a music person and love songs in seasons)... so this is the new catch. I like this song because there are a lot of cross roads now and future determining decisions I have to make and I'm tempted to go by feelings and what my eyes can see, and men's calculations.... but have done God so much that now He is the one doing me... (does that make any sense)... that I can't but ask His will in it all.. I'll do what He wants me to do...
  Every time I pray... You would think I'll have a hot flash and just like that, I'll wake-up with every thing I need to do downloaded in my brain... but all I keep hearing in my heart is..
(which is His answer to everything in this season for me I must say)
Then I REMEMBER that He thought me to trust and scriptures like water-falls rush into my mind...
Proverbs 3:4-5
Romans 8:28
Psalms 23, 91...
Isaiah 40:1-2
 and words like
*He is leading me and stirring me in the right direction. I'm set in the course that I must follow...*
*He is good and Faithful and He has done me well..*
* He turned it for our good*
* Concerning everything in my life...IT IS DONE*
and much more (...professions...)
I leave shouting, not necessarily knowing my next move (many times I do know the next move though), but above all I'm assured in my heart that by His spirits leading ***I'll do the right thing***

I challenge you to ***TRUST*** Him... You ask Elyon WHY? all the time... but when it comes right down to it we didn't or don't really trust him to carry us....
And I ask you to pray with me....

Dear Lord,
You said in your word... (Isaiah 26:3-4 kjv) that You'll keep us in perfect peace as our mind's are stayed on You... Thank You for Perfect Peace... for Knowing Lord... thank You because in the future we'll look back on these days and know that your Grace was available to us in Your Spirit and we did the right thing... the right thing being *those things which You want and have designed to be...* Thank You Daddy... You hear me and all that prayed this and You answered Lord.
In Jesus Name...

31st Chain,
Your Word is Truth...
John 17:17.

Ps: You are all invited to pray with me. :)